Tapuz ECG Belt - Universal Version

Tapuz develops, manufactures and markets an innovative ECG chest electrode belt, which replaces the currently used standard vacuum disposable electrode and/or lead braid. The belt is manufactured in a variety of models, for 6 or 12 leads, and connects to virtually any existing ECG continuous graph printer in use on the market today.

This innovation enables correct connection of patient within 20 seconds, and the ECG examinations to be carried out with no interruptions, thus saving time. The electrodes positioning on the belt is always in the correct anatomical location, irrespective of patient's chest dimensions, hence the level of staff expertise, for ECG examinations, is reduced.

The belts' flexibility and possible expansion is designed to fit almost any chest size or shape, male or female. There is no need to shave male patient's chest and females do not need to remove brassieres, thus contributing to a more relaxed examination environment which is vital to the success of the ECG test.

The system has been tried and tested in many environments, from Hospital ER's to Doctors clinics,Ambulances and has now been in use in medical institutions around the world for over 4 years. With TAPUZ ECG BELTs: There is no need for disposable electrodes, Over 50% time saving, ideal for hospitals, clinics and homecare facilities.

  • Easy to fit electrode system for performance of diagnostic 12 leads ECG
  • Anatomically accurate electrode-body-positioning fits men and women alike
  • Ideal for hospitals, clinics and homecare facilities
  • Can be connected to most ECG devices via banana plugs or studs
  • Over 50% time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Guaranteed for one year
  • No risk of faulty electrode positioning
  • No tangled wires
  • No disposable cost
  • No need to shave patient
  • No need for women to remove bra during examination
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