The Morgan Lens - for Eye Irrigation

The Morgan Lens delivers immediate continuous irrigation to injured eyes. In short, it saves sight. It also saves time, by freeing up your hands to attend other injuries.

The Morgan Lens is the most effective method for treating ocular trauma. It is widely used by physicians, nurses and other medical personnel for emergency eye irrigation. In seconds, the eye can be receiving the lavage necessary to treat chemical and thermal burns or to remove non-embedded foreign materials in the eye.

The Morgan Lens is designed to be attached to the Morgan Lens Delivery Set (or a standard IV giving set) and an irrigation solution of choice. The patient may then be comfortably transported while one or both eyes receive the most complete and comfortable ocular irrigation possible. And since it's a "hands-free" method of irrigation, medical personnel are free to concentrate on other injuries or other patients. Because of its effectiveness and efficacy, the Morgan Lens saves time, saves trouble, and most importantly saves eyes.

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