Waterloo Stethoscope & Scissor Pouch - Unkitted

Combined stethoscope & scissor pouch for easy access to your stethoscope, scissors, forceps & other items from your belt with a velcro flap & belt loop for safe mounting.

The contents are not included with this Pouch and are shown as a guide to the amount of product that can be stored in it. For a complete pouch, please order

LA/063C - Black

LA/063GC - Green

An SP exclusive product, giving value for money with quality. The pouch is made from 600 Denier PVC coated Nylon for durability. It is designed to hold a stethoscope and equipment of your choice. The list of equipment shown below is an indication of the equipment that can be carried. It is designed for the healthcare professional and enables them to carry everything they need on their belt safely & securely, in one pouch. The Paramedic shears can be slotted directly into the holder at the rear of the pouch so that these can be selected without the need to open pouch.

The flap is secured by Velcro for rapid access. On the underside of the flap is a length of double Velcro, which can hold three blanket pins in place. The pins can be pulled through the Velcro from the outside without having to open the pouch. Inside the pouch are five sections which can hold a selection of scissors, tweezers, forceps, clamps, thermometers, a Mini Mag Lite and a stethoscope. A belt loop secures the pouch onto your belt.

Suitable for use with a Rigid Utility belt.

The overall dimensions of the pouch are 13cm x 23cm x 6cm

COULD contain:-

  • 1 x Sprague Rapport Stethoscope
  • 1 x Disposable Pen Light Torch
  • 1 x Dual Scale Thermometer
  • 1 x 5"" Blunt / Sharp Scissors
  • 1 x 5"" Lister Bandage Scissors
  • 1 x Spencer Wells Artery Forceps
  • 1 x 6"" Blunt End Dissecting Forceps
  • 3 x 3.5"" Blanket Pins
  • 1 x Tuf Cut Bladed Shears
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