The citizenAID Wall Mounted Cabinet


citizenAID is the initiative of four deeply experienced UK civilian and military clinicians working in collaboration with industry to improve public resilience.

Following the successful launch of the citizenAID Pocket Guide in January 2017, and March's citizenAID Conference in Birmingham, we are pleased to confirm that we will very soon be launching a range of kits and wall mounted cabinets that support the citizenAID system.

Unlike some other so called solutions, citizenAID is not a basic first aid kit, citizenAID is an all encompassing yet simple and logical system of immediate actions. It is designed to guide the public to react safely, to pass effective messages to the emergency services, to prioritise the injured and to give life-saving first aid treatment. This combination of effective organisation and immediate treatment will save lives.

citizenAID encourages improvisation if no medical equipment is readily to hand, a head scarf and wooden spoon can easily be turned into a make-shift tourniquet to control catastrophic bleeding. Where prior planning and preparation has been done, professional equipment and trauma kits should be made readily available.

These new products will include personal medical kits that can be worn on your belt, kept in your car, office desk or handbag.

There will also be a range of larger kits and wall mounted cabinets that will enable larger offices and public buildings to ensure that extra equipment is immediately available if a mass casualty incident or terrorist attack happens.

For further details on citizenAID and our professional equipment solutions, please feel free to contact us beforehand at

Be prepared – with citizenAID - YOU can save lives

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