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Lots going on here this year at SP, we've got new articles including Jonathan Darren Lucas#BalanceForBetter, Celox UKDiT Export ChampionBS 8599-1:2019 Kits, Kate Slack, #NHS70Remove Remove Remove, Ebola, GDPR, Stop The Bleed, Nerve Agents, Corrosive Crime, Tourni-Key, Simon Leggett, IFAK Military Trauma Kits, MERET in Europe, Saving the NHS Money, Winter Pressures, Strong & Stable, BBC Radio Shropshire, citizenAID, BBC One Rip Off Britain,  UK Export Roadshow, JRCALCAcid Attack Kits, Crisis Response, IFAK Kits, Bespoke Bag Design Service, NHS Trauma Centres, Defibs for Telford, 24/7 Call Out Service, Outdoor First Aid Kit, Police Firearms Med Kits, Tourniquets, Bariatric Kit, Bespoke First Aid Kits, ACT and Run Hide Tell Treat.

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26 October 2016

New Products Coming Soon from WaterJel

• The Water-Jel 24 Universal Burn Dressing
• The Water-Jel Pressure Bandage product line
• The Water-Jel ChitoClot plaster series

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22 October 2016

Public Can Save Lives in Terrorist Attack

With security services saying a UK terror attack is still “highly likely,” Steve believes the public can save lives in the aftermath of an attack if they have the right equipment to hand and the knowledge of how to use it in an emergency, available on a one day course.

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21 October 2016

SP's Public Access Bleeding Control Packs

SP's Public Access Bleeding Control Packs

A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, therefore it is important to quickly stop the blood loss.

Having the right basic and easy to use medical equipment close to hand, no matter where the emergency is, is essential for saving as many lives as possible.

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20 October 2016

Are all First Aid Plasters the Same Quality?

Are all First Aid Plasters the Same Quality?

Following Steve's recent appearance on BBC One's Rip Off Britain, where we were asked by the programme on how to choose a good quality first aid plaster, we've been asked by several customers if we'd write an article to explain what to look for in more detail.

Our resident 'plaster expert' Steve Bray has some useful tips along with a few myth busting facts.

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17 October 2016

Why aren't plasters as sticky as they used to be?

Why aren't plasters as sticky as they used to be?

Steve Bray, our MD and resident 'plaster expert' says "In the medical world there is no such thing as a 'simple product', even a first aid plaster has a huge number of manufacturing variables that can effect quality, efficacy, price, comfort and even the potential for allergic reactions."

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