01 October 2020

Be Prepared to Treat Burns – 4 Critical Steps!

Be Prepared to Treat Burns – 4 Critical Steps!

Here at SP Services we have teamed up with Water-Jel, who are the leading first aid emergency burns treatment used by many industries including emergency medical services, US Military, fire services and more.

We are running a quiz to test your knowledge around the treatment of burns, available until Tuesday 13th October 2020.


Think you know about burn treatment?

Click the link below to take the quiz and be in with the chance of winning a Water-Jel bundle worth over £35!

Test your knowledge on burn care! 

Unfortunately, burns are one of the most common household injuries and every second counts when it comes to treating them. They can happen suddenly, and the pain and damage caused can be devastating. Knowing what to do if this should happen can make a huge difference in reducing the amount of pain and scarring. Quick, well applied treatment may even avoid the patient having any tissue damage at all. 

Be prepared for burn injuries—large and small!

Burn injuries should be cooled immediately, otherwise the heat will continue to destroy the surrounding and underlying tissue and may progress a partial thickness (second degree) burn into a full thickness (third degree) burn injury.

This, in turn, will present serious consequences both for the patient and considerable extra cost for the hospital / burn unit that is treating the patient.

 Here are the four critical steps you should take to treat a burn:







All burns should be treated with concern. It is important to keep in mind the golden rule of burn management: If someone has a burn on their body exceeding the size of the palm of their own hand, where blisters are present, burns to genitalia, face or to any flexion point, this person should seek medical attention. All electrical burns require medical attention.

But when seconds count, having Water-Jel products in convenient locations will go a long way in easing the pressure of the moment, as well as the burn victim’s injury and pain. Water-Jel products are effective, versatile and approved for emergency first aid burn treatment in a pre-hospital setting.

View our full range by clinking the link below.

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