26 March 2020

Bleeding Control Kits – What you need to know!

Bleeding Control Kits – What you need to know!

Severe traumatic injury is a major worldwide public health issue, which causes significant social and economic consequences for societies. It contributes to one in every ten mortalities, and the annual global death rate is increasing year on year.

The World Health Organisation recognises road traffic accidents, suicides and homicides as the three leading causes of injury and violence related deaths, with:

‘uncontrolled post-traumatic bleeding being the leading cause of preventable death in civilian life.’

In response, a number of national and international initiatives have sought to prevent violence and trauma related injuries and to also improve the management of severe bleeds in trauma patients via innovative treatment approaches and educational measures.

The overall aim is to improve outcomes by assisting in the timely identification of bleeding sources, followed by prompt measure to stop bleeding!

Bleeding Control Kits

No matter how quick and amazing our Emergency Services are, bystanders and members of the public will always be the first on the scene during any incident, whether that's a road traffic accident or a major attack involving mass casualties.

A person who is severely bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes and therefore, it is important to quickly stop the blood loss. Having the right basic and easy to use medical equipment close to hand, no matter where the emergency is, is essential for saving as many lives as possible.

What is a Bleeding Control Kit?

Bleeding control kits are designed to provide essential equipment that empowers the general public to take action as an immediate responder in stopping life-threatening bleeding. The life-preserving kits help to stabilize the injured in such events. until first responders arrive.

What does a Bleeding Control Kit Include?

Bleeding control kits contain a variety of products, all designed to stop bleeding In various parts of the body. They will have been developed to provide personal, fast and effective treatment in case of a major incident where life threatening external haemorrhage is present.

A Bleeding Control kit provided by SP Services, supplied in a red Parabag individual first aid kit pouch, includes:

















Who needs a Bleeding Control Kit?

‘Calls for bleeding control kits to be more readily available to the public!’

With the ever-increasing crime numbers for knife victims in the UK, everyone if calling for more bleeding control kits to be available to the public as well as emergency first responders.

We believe that having a large number of publicly accessible 'Bleeding Control Packs' in all major locations is a must given the current risk from extremists, terrorists and even just everyday accidents. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Public Transport Stations
  • Airports
  • Trains
  • Motorway Service Stations
  • All Public Buildings

You may even want to consider purchasing one for yourself as you never know when the unimaginable might happen.

Introducing Celox

Uncontrolled haemorrhage is responsible for over 35% of pre-hospital deaths and catastrophic bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death, both in civilian life, and on the battlefield.

The solution: Celox™! 

Celox trauma products have helped save the lives of civilians since 2006! Celox haemostats use a high-quality chitosan formulation, scientifically developed as a fast-acting, safe and highly effective haemostat, which work independently of the body’s classic coagulation pathway and does not generate heat. Celox haemostats can rapidly promote clot formation, through absorption and dehydration forming a gel-like plug.

The mechanism of action for Celox granules is through the absorption of fluid in the blood, swelling and sticking together to create a robust mechanical gel-like clot that plugs the bleeding source and seals the wound. This mechanism works independently of the classical coagulation pathways (i.e., does not initiate a thrombogenic response.

Want to find out more information?

By investing in a bleeding control kit (or more than one!), you'll provide yourself, or your employees with a life-saving piece of kit.

There are multiple bleeding control options to choose from and you can view our full range by clicking here. If you would like to speak to a member of the team for further information please email or call 01925 288 999.

Customers in Ireland contact on / 021 234 9999

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