27 October 2014

Celebrate Safely

The fire brigade and ambulance service are well prepared to tackle any emergency situation coming their way this autumn/winter as festivities and celebrations come into full swing.

Halloween falls on 31st October with bonfire night follow shortly after on Wednesday, November 5. The countdown is then on to Hanukkah commencing Wednesday 17th December and the Christmas festive season with New Years Eve rounding off the year’s celebrations on 31st December 2014.

During the festivities and events it is important to promote, fire safety and injury prevention. Celebrate safely by planning ahead and have stock of fully kitted first aid and burn kit supplies along with other equipment you may need in an emergency.

Organised fireworks displays and licensed bonfires are often offer safer than home hosted events as the organisers must ensure event planning and health and safety factors are fully adhered to for the smooth and safe running of the event for all attendees. If candles are used in any celebrations, they should be used carefully, not in enclosed cupboards or near curtains and care should be taken to ensure they can’t fall over, sparklers should not be used indoors.

A spokesman for East Midlands Ambulance Service warned that individuals using fireworks should make sure to read the instructions carefully and stay sober. He added that in the event of an accident people should remember basic first aid and if someone’s clothing has set alight remember ‘stop, drop and roll’ – which means get that person onto the floor and roll them to extinguish the flames.

If you are using fireworks, always follow the firework code. Adults should supervise children at all times.

If you are using decorative lights make sure they meet British Standards and are in good working order.

Make sure the plug for the decorative lights has the right size fuse (refer to the manufacturer’s instructions). Make sure decorative lights are turned off at night and when you go out.

Candles are often used during celebrations and festivals – never leave them burning unattended or close to curtains or other objects that could catch fire. Keep decorations, wrapping paper and greetings cards away from decorative lights, candles, fireplaces and heaters.

Preparing food is a major part of most festivals, but many fires start in the kitchen. Cooking should never be left unattended and extra care should be taken when preparing deep fried food.

Minor burns covering a small area of skin should initially be treated with clean cold water and supplies from a first aid or burn kit and further advice should be sought. In serious and life-threatening situations you should call 999 immediately.

SP Services supply everything you need in an emergency. In 2014 SP are celebrating 25 years as a leading international supplier of first aid, medical, ambulance, paramedic and emergency rescue equipment.

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