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01 January 2017

Don’t be Afraid… Be Prepared

Don’t be Afraid… Be Prepared

The threat of terrorism has increasingly become an unavoidable fact of Western life in recent years. However, the best thing we can do to show resiliency in the face of such a threat is to be more vigilant and prepare adequately for when and if the unthinkable happens. In its Crowded Places Guidance published earlier this year, the UK’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) has recommended that one of the ways in which businesses can prepare for attacks is to put together a “Crisis Response Kit.”

According to the guidelines, a crisis response kit consists of a ‘grab-bag’ containing essential equipment and information. The kit should contain a list of relevant contact details and instructions for the staff, as well as vital equipment such as a first aid kit, high-viz jackets, a mega-phone, torches, dust-masks, stationery, safety-glasses and foil blankets. Medical supply companies such as SP Services, are now providing all-in-one solutions to help businesses prepare their life-saving contingency plans.

Building your own contingency plan

Managing Director of SP Services, Steve Bray, said: ‘We have taken the government guidance plus our own product experience and knowledge to produce one handy bag. With our Crisis Response Kit you have the peace of mind knowing that if an emergency evacuation is necessary you have all the equipment you need in one place.’

You can download the NaCTSO guidelines here which contain a handy checklist for the documents and equipment your organisation might need in the event of an emergency.

Crisis Response Kits are the perfect solution for making crowded spaces such as shopping centres, sports stadia, bars, pubs and clubs less vulnerable to attack. The NaCTSO guidelines recommend that the grab-bag is stored safely off-site (to the intended location for use) and that items are checked regularly and kept up-to-date. It is also recommended that further items such as cash or credit cards should be stored with the kit as these may also be needed in an emergency.

SP Services can offer free, expert advice on everything you need to put together an individually-designed grab-bag that suits the needs of your business. The company recently implemented 24/7 support for their customers following the change of the UK terrorist threat level to critical.

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