01 May 2013

In the fight against viruses the BioMask is proven to protect

In the fight against viruses the BioMask is proven to protect


With viruses and pandemics flaring up globally it can sometimes be unclear as to the best products and items to use in infection control situations.

The BioMask™ is based on an "intelligent filtration" technology and is fabricated from a scientifically designed and tested multilayer material which has in its internal structure a unique active layer which has highly targeted anti-microbial properties. This active layer aggressively detects, traps, and then rapidly kills pathogens, within minutes of contact.

'The BioMask™ is a piece of infection control and PPE equipment that truly aids in the fight against viruses. Tested against a host of pathogens it is proven to work and protect in ways that standard N95 masks do not.' Steve Bray SP Services, Managing Director. 

Due to its anti-microbial properties, the BioMask™ is a powerful weapon in the fight to contain and stop the spread of infectious respiratory diseases such as Avian Flu, bird flu and SARS. During outbreaks of infectious disease, the ability to halt transmission, during early stages, could be critical in preventing the development of a full-blown pandemic.

This patented BioFriend™ textile layer CAPTURES pathogens by mimicking the sites on human cells to which they normally attach, and DESTROYS them by disrupting their surfaces (viruses) and cell walls (bacteria). Many viruses, including influenza viruses, are known to bind to a terminal sialic acid residue on the surface of the human cell membrane. The binding agent in the BioFriend™ textile mimics the binding action of sialic acid on influenza viruses.

Typical face masks (including standard surgical masks and N95s) do not kill airborne pathogens. They are based on a passive mechanical filtration design only. Thus, microbes on or inside the mask can stay alive for many hours, greatly increasing the likelihood of cross-contamination. When compared to the tight-fitting N95 face mask, the BioMask™ is far superior in terms of efficacy, comfort and breathability.

As part of the CE testing process, the BioMask™ was sprayed with live aerosolized Influenza A virus equivalent to 50 times the amount contained in a normal sneeze. (Bird flu is a strain of the Influenza A virus.) More than 99.9% of the viruses were killed after less than one minute. Similar tests were conducted on other key pathogens, with similar results. When the BioMask™ was tested in terms of all the major routes of exposure, oral and dermal, it showed no harmful effects on humans. The BioMask™ has been tested for dermal biocompatibility following internationally recognized standards set out in ISO10933: Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices. Tests were conducted to evaluate cytotoxicity to cells, skin irritation on contact, and skin sensitization after repeated contact. No cytotoxicity, irritation or incidence of sensitization was observed.


Filligent's revolutionary, patented medical face mask known as BioMask™ traps and kills bacteria and viruses on contact AND allows you to breathe normally.

  • Traps & kills 99.9% of harmful germs
  • Traps and kills viruses that can cause Swine Flu*
  • Superior breathability & comfort
  • Self-sanitizing for ALL-DAY WEAR
  • Reduces cross-contamination of hands and surfaces
  • Available in Standard Adult size
  • CE certified
  • EN14683 compliant 
  • Wicks away potentially infectious droplets in seconds
  • Safe and comfortable for greater user compliance
  • Important pandemic tool
  • Advanced infection control*


How the Active Layers Work

The four-layer BioMask™ has two active layers designed to fight viruses.

The outer white active layer is treated with a hydrophilic plastic coating that absorbs infectious droplets into and away from the outer surface of the mask and locks them inside. Viruses are inactivated on this outer layer by exposure to citric acid, which creates a low pH environment.

This environment causes structural rearrangement of lipids and other structures, resulting in spontaneous denaturing and inactivation of the virus.

Inside BioMask™ blue active layer, positively charged copper and zinc ions attach to influenza viruses by binding negatively-charged groups present on all viruses. Influenza viruses are rapidly inactivated because structures are damaged and bio-molecules are denatured.

Tested Pathogens*

SEASONAL: • Human (H1N1), A/Brisbane/59/2007 • Human (H1N1), A/Wisconsin/10/1998 • Human (H1N1), A/NewJersey/8/1976 • Human (H3N2), A/Brisbane/10/2007 • Human (H3N2), A/Wisconsin/67/2005 • Human, B/Florida/4/2006 • Human, B/Lee/1940

PANDEMIC: • Pandemic H1N1, A/California/04/2009 • Human (H2N2), A/2/Japan/305/1957

AVIAN: • Avian (H5N1), NIBRG-14 • Duck (H5N2), A/Duck/PA/10218/84 • Avian (H9N2), Turkey/Wisconsin/1966

SWINE & EQUINE: • Swine (H1N1), A/Swine/1976/1931 • Equine (H3N8), A/Equine/2/Miami/1963

OTHER: • Human (H1N1) A/PuertoRico/8/1934

Benign to Humans — Toxic to Pathogens

The BioMask™ is powered by BioFriend™ technology, which is composed of a range of powerful but safe active ingredients that inactivate microorganisms without causing drug resistance. The active ingredients, citric acid, copper and zinc, are present in almost every cell of the human body. Citric acid is found in the outermost layer of the mask. Copper and zinc, which are found in the second active blue layer, are essential minerals that must be included in daily human nutrition. They are critical to various biological processes, including DNA synthesis, energy production and immune system function. Conversely, viruses cannot process copper and zinc, and are easily killed by small amounts of these compounds.


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