28 February 2020

Knife Angel Statue's First Aid Message!

Knife Angel Statue's First Aid Message!

The iconic Knife Angel statue which is currently touring the UK is set to stop off in Telford at the end of this month. The Knife Angel is a sculpture made from more than 100,000 seized blades. It highlights the negative effects of violence and aggressive behavior. With knife crime on the rise this is an opportunity to improve civilians and emergency responders’ knowledge about first aid and bleeding control, while also raising awareness about the effects of knife crime.

Medical industry experts SP Services, which supplies first aid, medical, ambulance, paramedic and emergency rescue equipment, of Telford, and emergency woundcare and haemostatic agent specialist CeloxTM Medical, are calling for members of the public and particularly first aiders to attend its bleeding control demonstrations on the day of the statue unveiling in Telford town centre on Saturday February 29th.

A trainer on the day will show how to stop the bleed after a knife attack or trauma injury with the latest specialist equipment from Celox medical which is currently being used in war zones.

“This amazing 27ft tall statue of tens of thousands of knives handed in to police gives a giant message about the tragedy of the UK’s knife crime epidemic which has resulted in the loss of so many young lives,” said Simon Leggett, SP Services MD, whose company is one of the sponsors of the statue in Telford.

“Catastrophic” bleeding is the leading cause of preventable deaths for both civilians and soldiers with five million dying worldwide from trauma injuries each year. But the number can be reduced with specialist dressings and gauzes, he said.

SP Services and Celox Medical are appealing for trained first aiders from across Shropshire to come to their stand to learn how to use fast acting major haemorrhage control treatment used by hospitals and the emergency services.

First aid training on how to use the specialist kits will be given throughout the day from midday on February 29 at the SP Services and Celox Medical stand in Southwater, Telford. Members of the public are also invited to the demonstrations on how to use Celox-A, a high- speed delivery system pre-packed with Celox granules, designed to get through a narrow entry wound, directly to the source of bleeding, in just a few seconds.

Celox granules absorbs the bloods fluids, which swells and sticks together to create a robust mechanical gel-like clot that plugs the bleeding source.

“We will show people how to quickly stem blood flow in an emergency and provide key skills to help save a life of anyone with a serious trauma injury.

“Please come and see us on the day. We are providing demos throughout the afternoon and giving away free medical packs. We would especially appeal to first aiders to see the latest techniques,” added Mr Leggett.

SP Services will hand out 150 free trauma medical packs to members of the public. Alongside 100 extra kits with an applicator to release CELOX granules which clots blood and seals the wound will be given to trained first aiders from the world of business including taxi drivers, restaurant and office workers.

Telford mayor Councillor Stephen Reynolds will unveil the statue with Clive Knowles, chairman of the British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry which launched the Save A Life Surrender Your Knife campaign with the statue made by their talented sculptor Alfie Bradley. Mr Knowles is encouraging educational programmes to benefit communities wherever the knife angel appears on its UK tour. The statue will arrive by lorry from Gateshead on the afternoon of February 28 before being put on display throughout March.

Established for more than 30 years, SP Services runs a round-the-clock service from its Hortonwood HQ to deliver thousands of items of medical equipment to the NHS, NATO, emergency services, business and industry, security services, sports clubs and many other organisations in the UK and across the world.

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