25 November 2014

New Insignia fleet cars mean business for SP Sales Reps

New Insignia fleet cars mean business for SP Sales Reps

Have you ever wondered where your finger plasters come from?  Or that defibrillator on the wall at work? Who provides those protective coveralls workers wear to avoid contamination in high risk environments? We take all this for granted.  Well they are distributed from closer to home than you may think.

SP Services (UK) Ltd is an international company that specialises in the supply of the whole range of personal protection equipment and medical supplies that would fill first aid kits, medical rooms in work places, hospitals or even emergency field hospitals in areas where natural disasters have occurred.

Founded by managing director, Steve Bray in 1989 in Wandsworth , South London, the company rapidly expanded and by 1997 it had moved to new premises in Telford, a more central position for its UK and Ireland distribution network.  In April 2013, SP Services moved again to a new building in Telford, called Bastion House on the Hortonwood estate.  Bastion House increased the capacity the company needed to hold and market a larger range and volume of products.

SP Services has a group of sales executives who are responsible for contact with existing customers and raising awareness with potential new clients of the SP Services products and customer care.  To keep these important members of staff “on the road”, SP Services have linked with Greenhous Vauxhall in Telford for the supply of a fleet of three identical Vauxhall Insignias.

SP’s Steve Bray explains that image is important in customer relations. “We have a team of sales executives who are expected to reflect the professional nature of the company. Our branding and our business ethos are very important to us and the acquisition of these stylish Vauxhall Insignias reflects the quality image we wish to portray.”

Ben Esp, sales consultant for Greenhous Vauxhall, is delighted with the partnership saying: “We share with SP Services a desire to ensure that the customer service comes first.  Pre-sales and after sales service should be at its best.  The Insignias are very popular high end fleet vehicles employed by many companies for their sales executives.  They combine a stylish appearance with comfort, good internal specifications and a reliable power unit.”

SP Services regard themselves as a “one-stop-shop” for all personal and medical equipment.  As Anneka Lowe, marketing manager, explains their growth and the capacity to provide the needs of a vast range of customers places them at the forefront in the supply of these products. “We can respond very rapidly to orders placed.  Processing, packaging up and distribution is a seamless process in the large warehouse at Bastion House with our dedicated staff.  We adopt an “everything you need in an emergency” approach to customer enquiries.  If we don’t stock an item we have the ability to source it very quickly.”

Anneka is pleased to include large organisations in their client list which includes the NHS and the Ministry of Defence as well as large events, supplying the medical supplies for the London 2012 Games and the Tour de France.  She speaks of their support during the current Ebola crisis saying: “We are continually supplying stocks and supplies, PPE equipment, infection control systems to the infected areas of Africa.  Where there is a need like this, a rapid response has to be given.”

We are fortunate indeed to have a market leader in the distribution of these vital materials and products that many of us take for granted, on our doorstep.  The next time you see a smart salesperson in a silver Vauxhall Insignia travelling the motorway network it could be they are off to secure a deal that may protect someone just like you and me!


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