SP Services stock a comprehensive range of training manikins for use in a variety of medical training exercises including CPR training, choking training and human life-like CPR dummys.

From 2020 lifesaving CPR and first aid is set to be included in the national curriculum making it compulsory for CPR to be taught in schools.

The government’s proposals to teach CPR training as part of compulsory health education in all schools in England could save thousands of lives as, according to statistics with only 40-50% of people in the UK currently attempting CPR in an emergency the UK has one of the lowest survival rates at only 8%.

Secondary school students would be taught how to administer CPR, as well as basic treatment for common injuries and primary school children will learn basic first aid alongside the steps they can take to protect and support the health and wellbeing of others.

If you’re a school looking to prepare for teaching CPR or a CPR trainer interested in providing CPR lessons to schools you can message SP Services today for help in preparing.

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