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Clinell Universal Wipes - 200 Wipes Pack

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Product code: CL/131

Kills at least 99.999% of all germs including MRSA

Clinell Wipes are an instant sanitising wipe and were designed to provide a simple solution to complex infection control policies.

They provide a single universal product which can be used to disinfect hands, skin, hard surfaces and medical instruments.

Clinical advantages of Clinell Wipes:

  • Can be used on 'dirty hands' (i.e. soiled hands), unlike alcohol gel rubs, which can only be used on 'physically clean hands' 
  • Dermatologically tested. 
  • Unlike other surface wipes currently on the market, Clinell Wipes are safe on hands and instruments 
  • Conforms to prEN12054, EN1276 and EN1500 
  • Only 5% alcohol content means no sore dry hands after multiple use or damage to surfaces over time 
  • Easily and quickly available from either dispenser or direct from the pack for immediate use 
  • Quick use in clinics, wards or home use for wiping down surfaces, handles, rims, worktops, keyboards etc 
  • Safe for use on stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeter probes - three instruments rarely cleaned and shown to cause infections (1,2,3) 
  • Safe to use in food preparation areas. 
  • Very high antimicrobial kill count

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