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TruCorp AirSim Child Manikin

£1687.20 inc VAT
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Product code: TR/510

The TruCorp AirSim Child, which has been developed in conjunction with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is based on true CT data. This anatomically correct 6 year old has both realistic and anatomical features, perfect for practising basic paediatric airway management skills.

  • The AirSim Child provides realistic feedback during airway management procedures including bag/mask ventilation, supraglottic airway insertion, both naso and orotreacheal intubation
  • Realistic external and internal anatomical features allow for easy and successful demonstration of all paediatric video laryngoscopes
  • A tongue bulb to illustrate tongue edema
  • Missing frontal teeth to illustrate realistic dentals of a six year old
  • ‘Real feel’ skin covering for added realism.
  • This model is ideal for a range of training including:
    • Double naso-tracheal intubation
    • Bag and Mask ventilation techniques
    • Full range of supraglottic devices
    • Direct and video laryngoscopy
    • Endotracheal tube insertion

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